Terms & Conditions ccs registration

Rules & Regulations

  1. Every Distributors of Company is expected to be sincere in intentions and ready to put efforts towards group formation of  and promotion of the products marketed by the company .
  2. The company does not guarantee any definite income to any Distributor. All the earnings of the Distributor shall solely depend upon his/her group purchasing.
  3. In case of any correspondence with the company , the distributors should always quote his Distributor ID Number.
  4. A Distributor shall be diligent and truthful in his interaction with other Distributor of the company .
  5. All the matters and cases shall be subject Begusarai jurisdiction only .
  6. The Distributor ID is not transferable.
  7. Product purchased by the distributor is not refundable and company is not bound to give any type of money back to any body.
  8. Confirmation as a Distributor does not create any employer/employee relationship, agency , partnership or joint venture between the Distributor and the company.
  9. The Distributor will not have any right/authority to incur any debt/liabilities/obligations for and on behalf of the company.
  10. The ID may be cancelled by the company on the ground of deliberate damage to the name , products, assets etc of the company , by the Distributor . The company is also entitled to forfeit the dues payable to the Distributors.
  11. A Distributor is required to assist his/her down line Distributor.
  12. A Distributor shall not make any claim , commitments to the general public about the products, company or his own position in the company that are not supported by the company or are impracticable.
  13. The Distributor shall not try to exaggerate or make false claims about the company’s products or service to impress the general public and down line fellow Distributors. The Distributor shall not misguide any one regarding company’s products/services.
  14. A Distributor shall truthfully provide full and correct information about himself and his family required by the company whenever the company required he/she shall submit full and correct information without any objection.
  15. Any violation of the above rules shall be liable to such penalty or punishment as defined and  decided by the company.
  16. Company is not responsible for any type of cash transaction done by you with anybody linked by company without invoice of the company.
  17. If company found any type of connection & involvement in any other NETWORK Co., it is clear in your notice that company can terminate your ID with immediate effect after that  company is not responsible any type of payment any transaction in favour of you.
  18. Company will not give any incentive in cash to any body any time ,if you with you win your Car incentive on two  or more ID company has full rights to take any decision.
  19. In case of any dispute between distributors and the company the decision taken by company shall be treated as final and binding on all the Distributor.
  20. Once the ID is cancelled the Distributor is not allowed to use the logos or symbols , pins and badges as awarded by the company or indulge in any group formation or group development activity.
  21. No Distributor shall become members of any other NETWORK company . If the desires to join any other NETWORK company  he can do so after resigning form the company . Any person who is associated with any other NETWORK company and become Distributor of the company after his resignation from such company.
  22. Upon death of Distributor the ID shall stand transferred to the nominee mentioned in the Distributor Form who will be entitled to receive all benefits . This will be done on death certificate and other necessary papers being submitted to the company  along with an application by the nominee .
  23. Company is liable for your accidental death claim policy after 30 days from your invoice date.


Code of Ethic for Distributor

As a Distributor of the company every  Distributor shall conduct his business as per the following guidelines laid down by the company .

  1. For development of CCS business every Distributor shall work with devotion ,full commitment , sincerity and deliver the best results.
  2. All the Distributors are required to strictly comply and adhere to all the rules & regulation formulated by the company.
  3. The company reserves the right to make any policy amendments from time to time in order to ensure complete compliances to its policies & procedures. The company will not allow any outside interference in this matter.
  4. Distributors who further sponsor new Distributors shall have to put in their active efforts.
  5. Every upline Distributor shall deep his/her downline aware of the rules, regulations, circulars, policies directives and products of the company from time to time .
  6. Every Distributor shall explain the CCS Opportunity to any prospective or existing Distributors in an honest manner. He shall refrain firm encouraging any one to join by any extrapolation or exaggeration.
  7. Every Distributor shall explain the product details strictly in accordance to the details mentioned on the product literature, without making any misleading or unauthorized claims.


Activation of Distributor Status

Every Distributor has to activate his/her status at the end of two financial years from date of enrollment (The financial year i.e from 1st April to 31st march).

Annual activation of the Distributor is compulsory at the end of every financial year on payment of the Activation fees .

Those active Distributors who wish to remain active in the network and avail commission from the company will have to activate their Distributor status every year in a Distributor not activating their status every year shall not be entitled to get networking or any other benefits and type of payout.


No Responsibility for Delays due to Crisis

The Company shall not be responsible for any delays, failure in performance due to circumstances beyond either party’s control , which includes without any limitations , strikes , riots , labour difficulties , war , fire, death , curtailment of party’s usual source of supply or government orders.


Legal and Taxation Consideration

Every Distributor is solely responsible for operating his CCS Business in accordance with the law and rules and regulation applicable. Every Distributor is responsible for understanding his individual tax and legal situations and is advised to discuss the same with his own tax  and legal consultant before starting with the CCS Business . the Distributors are advised to maintain true and connect records of their business and pay all taxes and obtain all necessary registrations. The Distributors are also advised to keep and maintain proper books of account and all other books, record . T.D.S will be deducted from the commission vouchers issued to Distributors.


Ability & Conditions to be a Distributor

  1. Any Indian citizen who is atleast 18 years of age can become a Distributor. He has a legal right to be a Distributor as per Indian Contract Act.
  2. Any prospective Distributor should bear a good moral character and should not have any past or present criminal background or record.
  3. For allotment the person is required to fill in the required application form of the company and pay the required fees by DD in favour of Career Companion Services Pvt. Ltd. Payable at Sambalpur  and can become a Distributor by submitting the Distributor Form.
  4. The application should be complete in all respects any incomplete application shall be rejected.
  5. Though the registration with the company is not restricted to any Indian based on religion, caste, region ,sex etc. the company reserves its absolute right to reject the application of any person without assigning any reason thereto.
  6. I/We authorize Career Companion Services to send bulk sms on my registrered mobile Number.



  1. As per terms and condition 12,13,14,16 mention in distributor form company will give show cause notice to distributor and will give time for 15 days to response . If he/she fails to give response in given time then company will terminate the distributor without any notice.
  2. As per terms and condition 18 mention in form company will terminate the distributor without any notice.


How can you Sponsor New Distributor

One being confirmed as a Distributor of the company if you wish you will be entitled to sponsor new Distributor and get networking benefits .You can prepare a list of your prospects, visit them and explain to them about the CCS Business . You can take assistance of your sponsor/upline   in case of difficulties . Alternatively you ask your prospect to attend the open conducted  by you upline where the prospect will be explained about the CCS Concept and CCS Business and his queries will be satisfactorily answered . Ask you prospect to fill up Distributor Form, deposit the same at the CCS Zone and obtain his ID Card . Offer him all help and assistance to get him started in the required purchases and complete their required BV & criteria prescribed by the company.


Applicable for all type of joining categories in ccs job / ccs business .