According to our survey there are more than 15 crore children in india in the age range of 5-14 who are not in school and, by the definition employed in this paper, therefore to be considered as working children. A quick glance at the industrial sector shows that children are employed in the slate pencil, diamond-cutting, gem polishing, cotton hosiery, carpet-weaving, lock making, pottery, brass-ware and glass industries to name a few. There are virtually no sector of the Indian economy that is untouched by working children.  Increasing the number of child worker are the huge disadvantages in the next generation.

Hence we have decide to help him in future by providing free hostel and education, presently our best programs as examination system (presently working). Software and medical project are upcoming that will provide a lot of helping steps for every students.

These benefits will be provided by us through self/reference of institutions/scholarship. As we know approx 70% of our graduated are unemployed, we are providing job to unemployed graduated students. In future, we are going to provide free computer education, free hospitality in every govt. School. Our team is hardworking for these noble steps, Must contribute us with towards help poor, child, physical distributed, homeless and helpless app

After a long discussion of our CCS team on the present condition of the education system/ job availability in our developing India. We design the best education system improvement program (Test at several months, according to Universal syllabus of each board and every classes) in which we are providing so many benefits like; Scholarships, Motivation Program, Student Support, Guidance and Security on every month study, help to provide job in self or best companies(Government/Non-Government). In future we are providing free hostel for poor/test qualified student in various cities. We have no any self institution but we will organise doubt classes at the same institutions/School.