Moral Stories

Moral Stories

AESOP and his fellow servant

Distraction from technology

The Thief and the Boy

The Penny Wise Monkey

The Merchant of Seri

The Precious Grass

The Eldest Son

Clever Wife

The two pebbles

Changing our vision

Value Your Present Time

Dwarf, the Valiant

Finding Happiness

The Sandy Road

Intelligent Student


Give or Take

Glass of Milk

Do you think for your brother ?

The Cookie Thief

Don’t Change the World

Success breeds Success

Cherokee Wisdom

The Ship of Friendship

The Wise Old Man

True Strength

The Giant and The Traveller

The Wet Pant

Struggles of our Life

Boys Job Appraisal

Keep Your Dream

Words and actions should be the same

The cracked pot

Parable of the pencil

Enjoy your life at every moment

The farmer and the stork


The Prince and the Seedling

Human Value

How are you building your life?

The perfectionist sculptor

The trouble tree

Lost Watch

Let Go of your Stresses

Weakness or Strength

Testing of Gossip

The Star Fish

The Elephant Rope

Learn from Mistakes

The greatest gift is Love

Believe in Yourself

Socks and Shoes

Learn and Earn

Benefits of Struggling

The Black Dot

Student Counting Apples

The Other Side

Best Art

Haste makes Waste

The Dreaming Astronomer

The Farmer and His Lazy Sons

The Gardener

Fishermen story

The Man with the Coconuts

One Nut and Two Boys

Secret of Work

Count the Blessings, Not the Curses

The Kind hearted Villager

The seeker of truth

The three races

Choosing to be Cheerful

Going the extra mile

A foot has no nose

Helping hands

Pundit and Rich Man

Helping Others

The Last Cab Ride

Solution to our Problems

The house with the golden windows

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

The Girl Who Cared

I think you are wonderful

Never Restrict Yourself

Wait For The Brick?

Thrown Clay Balls

The story of Sudama

Finger Print

Supporting Tree

Why we shout in Anger?

The Secret of Happiness

Return back

The other side of the wall

How to change the world

The Travelling Angels

The Barter

How Did Your Grandfather Die?

Late for Dinner

Kindness and Generosity

The Precious Grass

Rotten Tomatoes

King and Parrot

Pots of Gold

Sage and the Disciple

Real Taste

Different perspectives

Try your Best

The Cock

Meaningless Goals

How Much Patience Do You Have ?

Keep Others Happy

The Doves

Self Confidence

Sleeping through the Storm

Special Traffic

Wise Woman

Think for Others

The Real Meaning of Peace


Tremendous Power of Attitude

Rockefellers Assets

Garden or Garbage

A Trick

It is you