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Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety is the fear of facing people. The people suffering from social anxiety have a belief in mind that people around them will judge them and evaluate them negatively. It is a general disorder that creates a setback in all other areas of life too.
People suffering from this disorder are generally seen as shy, introvert, unfriendly, disinterested and nervous by normal people. But contrary to the perceptions, they are interested in getting involved with other people and maintaining social relationships but their fear of being judged holds them back.


• Meeting up new people.
• Public speaking and performing on stage.
• Being criticized by others.
• Eating or drinking in public places.
• Attending parties or being a part of social gatherings


Change your views: You should replace every negative thought with a positive one. For example, during a presentation, the common thoughts would be: “People will think that I am nervous and incompetent for the job”, this could be replaced by: “If I would be nervous will people necessarily think that I am incompetent.”

Analyze yourself: Focus on other people and try to engage them in the conversation instead of analyzing yourself critically and making conclusions.

Focus in the present: Instead of beating yourself up for the future focus in the moment and try to make most of it.

FACE: You cannot avoid or ignore things for all of your life, so you should step out and take a challenge for yourself. Remember, once step at a time. “Start by doing what’s necessary and suddenly you will find yourself doing things that were impossible”.