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Once a young man came to Lord Buddha & prayed :

My lord! my life is full of problems please show me the way to get relief.

Buddha filled his palm with salt and asked to add this in a glass of water.

The young man did the same

Buddha asked him to drink the same.

The man tried to do the same but could not.  He spat it.

Buddha :  How it tastes?

Young man : Very bad. Highly salted.

Buddha again filled his palm with salt and asked to follow him.

They reached near a lake of clean water. Buddha asked to throw the salt in the water.

The man did it.

Sometimes later Buddha asked the man to drink water from the lake.

The young man did the same.

Buddha again asked : How it tastes?

The Youngman :  Sweet & very tasty.

Buddha sat down beside the young man and touched his hands.

Said : The problems in our life is same as the salt. Its quantity is same. Neither less nor excess.

But it depends how we taste it. It depends on the way by which we take it.

Therefore you can do only one thing –

Just spread your mind when problem arises

~ Don’t be a GLASS ~

~ Be a LAKE ~

PROBLEM will be minimized.