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65. The Precious Grass

Brigid and Teresa went to the city one day to do their shopping and they had a very large bag of fruit to carry. Brigid was continuously getting angry murmuring because of the weight but Teresa on the other hand was laughing and joking. Brigid said to her: “When are you going to keep quite? I think your load is as heavy as mine and you are no stronger than I.”

Teresa said to her: “Dear Brigid, I sprinkled my load with a certain type of grass and therefore I don’t feel the load so much.”

“Oh”, cried Brigid, “it must certainly be precious. I would like to lessen my load too. What is it called?”

Teresa replied: “The precious grass that lightens all load is called patience. Dear Brigid, you must remember that patience is the only solution for all our worries and trials.”

If times are hard and you are blue

Think of others worrying too.

Just because your trials are many,

Don’t think others haven’t any.

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