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Pull up the tree moral Story

*Pull up the tree | Story*

A wise teacher was taking a stroll through the forest with a young pupil and stopped before a tiny tree.

“Pull up that sapling,” the teacher instructed his pupil, pointing to a sprout just coming up from the earth. The youngster pulled it up easily with his fingers. “Now pull up that one,” said the teacher, indicating a more established sapling that had grown to about knee high to the boy. With little effort, the lad yanked and the tree came up, roots and all.

“And now, this one,” said the teacher, nodding toward a more well developed evergreen that was as tall as the young pupil. With great effort, throwing all his weight and strength into the task, using sticks and the stone he found to pry up the stubborn roots, the boy finally caught the tree loose.

“Now,” the wise one said, “I’d like you to pull this one up.” The young boy followed the teacher’s gaze which fell upon a mighty oak. So tall, the boy could scarcely see the top. Knowing the great struggle he’d just had pulling up the much smaller tree, he simply told his teacher, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

“My son. You have just demonstrated the power that habits will have over your life!” the teacher exclaimed. “The older they are, the bigger they get, the deeper the roots grow, and the harder they are to uproot. Some get so big, with roots so deep, you might hesitate to even try.”


Take the compound effect that happens to money in the bank. Similarly, with habits one builds a base with knowledge & expertise piling atop until one day s/he is surprised by what has been achieved. Therefore develop good habits and let the magic happen.

Initially you might feel good habits are not accounting to anything and you might be tempted to pull up that sampling. But continue it for few years and your success will be as strong as the tree and it will be difficult for others to change that.

*Story Source*

From the book “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy