Inspirational 7 puzzles which the Buddha

There are 7 puzzles which the Buddha answered in his mystical way:

1: “What is the SHARPEST thing in this world?”

His people replied simultaneously: “The Sword.”

Buddha Answered:
The sharpest is the “human tongue”
Because with the tongue, humans easily hurt the heart, hurt people’s feelings, through slander etc …

2: What is the MOST distant from us in this world?

Some replied: “Space, the moon, the sun.”

Buddha Answered:
The most distant is the “Past”.
Whoever we are, however rich we may be, we can NOT go back in time.
Therefore we must make good use of today & days that will come.

3: What is BIGGEST thing in this world?

Someone replied:
“Mountain, Earth, Sun.

“Buddha Answered:
The biggest thing in the world is “Lust”.

Many humans become wretched because they indulge their lusts.
All means are justified in order to realize the lusts of this world.
Therefore be careful with lust ..!

4: “What is the HARDEST (and has the MOST WEIGHT) in this world?

“Someone replied:
“Steel, iron, elephant.”

Buddha Answered:
The hardest is thing is to “promise”.
It’s easy to say but extremely hard to do.

5: “What is LIGHTEST thing in this world?

“Someone replied:
“Cotton, wind, dust, leaves.”

Buddha Answered:
The lightest in the world is humility, hence it is easy “to forget humility & to leave humility”.

Look at the many people who are chasing wealth and position, they simply dropped/left humility.

6: What is CLOSEST to us in this world?

Someone replied:
“Parents, Friends, Friends, Relatives.”

Buddha Answered:
The closest to us is “DEATH”.
Because death is SURE and can happen any second.

7: Last question:
“What’s the easiest thing to do in this world?”

They replied:
“Eating, sleeping, hanging out”

Buddha Answered:
The easiest is to
It will be a useful reflection for your friends who read it

Even non-Buddhists can use this knowledge and wisdom.


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