A brother who was a believer join military to serve his country with all his strength and faith
while staying in the barrack his fellow soldiers will lure him to offend God but he never fell for once.
Everyone in the barrack sees him as a good person that if you lie against him no body will believe you.
He was so faithful in all his duties to the extend that his superior got jealous of him, His superior began to look for what he could use to set him up, he tried many ways but failed.
When ever he ask him to do something, the brother will reply “My God is Able sir!”
One particular morning, the superior came out from his house and ordered him to go and fetch him bathing water and the brother replied “My God is Able sir!” When the superior heard those words he got provoked.
He asked the brother angrily, is that how you are supposed to answer me? The brother replied, No sir! but truly my God is Able.
That got the superior more provoke.
He ordered the brother to stand still and he did,
He called the whole soldiers in the barrack to where he asked the faithful brother to stand, everyone came looking confuse.
He then declared that he will send the brother home if he does not prove to him in front of everyone how able is his God is:
He went inside his room and came back with a basket, he gave it to the brother and ordered him to go and fetch him water to take his bath.
The brother collected the basket from him boldly and went straight to the tap, He prayed for few seconds then open the tap for water to enter.
The basket got filled with water and he took it back to the superior, everyone was amaze, the superior went down on his knee when he saw what he could never imagine.
The brother said to him, “stand up sir because my God is able”
His superior and other soldiers gave their lives to Christ instantly.
The Superior wanted to disgrace the faithful brother but Able God he serves turned things around.
This prayer is for those who can type Amen to claim it
Did your doctor report says you cant conceive anymore?
Were you confirmed with incurable disease?
have you been looking for job for years?
I don’t know your heart desires but God knows them all.
Able God who used basket to fetch water to disgrace the superior officer will turn things around for good in your life this moment.
Just type Amen if you believe God is Able And share like this page for more prayers

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