Common Network Application Software

Web Browser: A web browser is a network application which enables the users to access the internet. Web browser interprets HTML (HyperText Mark-up language) files sent from a Web Server and displays the content in its screen. Web Browser is the most widely used network application.

Most widely used Web Browser products are
• Mozilla Firefox
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Google Chrome
• Opera
• Apple Safari

E-mail Applications: E-mail (Electronic Mail) Applications are used for composing and sending e-mails within the same network or to outside the network.

Most widely used E-mail (Electronic Mail) Applications products are
• Mozilla Thunderbird
• Microsoft Outlook
• Evolution

Instant Messaging Chat Applications:Instant Messaging Chat Applications are used these days for corporate communication and for general chat.

Most widely used Instant Messaging Chat Applications products are
• Apache OpenMeetings
• Microsoft Lync
• Yahoo Messanger
• Cisco WebEx

Collaboration Applications: Collaboration network applications are mainly used inside a company for a group of employees to work together for a common task. Collaboration network applications allow employees to transfer their files to a central storage repository and work together on it.

• Microsoft SharePoint
• IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
• Oracle Beehive
• Novell GroupWise 


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