Amplitude Formula

A variables amplitude is a measure of its change over a single period. The maximum height perceived in the wave is termed as Amplitude. It is represented by A and is known in decibels (dB).

Where the distance covered by the wave is D and

The frequency of the wave is F.

Amplitude Formula is made use of in computing the amplitude of the specified wave if its frequency and distance are provided.

Amplitude Solved Examples

Underneath we have provided some sample numerical based on amplitude which might aid you.

Question 1: If y (= 5 sin ω t)represents the wave, find the amplitude of the wave?

Given: y = 5 sin ω t
The equation is of the form

y = A sin ω t

Henceforth, the amplitude is A = 5.

Question 2: Compute the amplitude of the wave if a wave travels a distance of 0.5 m and has a frequency of 5 Hz.

Given: Distance D = 0.5 m,

Frequency f = 5 Hz

The amplitute is given by


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