53. How Did Your Grandfather Die?

Once a man asked a truck driver “How did your father die?”

The Truck driver said, my father was a truck driver too and he died in a road accident.

The man asked, “How about your grandfather?” The Truck driver said, “My grandfather was also a truck driver and he died in a road accident just like my father.”

The man was shocked and said, “Really ? And you still work as a Truck Driver? Why didn’t you choose some other profession? Aren’t you afraid of the same destiny as your father and your grandfather?”

The Truck driver kept quiet for a while then asked the man, “What about your father, how did he die?” The man replied, “He passed away peacefully while he was asleep on his bed”

The Truck Driver asked, “And how did your grandfather die?”

The man replied, “He died peacefully on his bed too the same way my father died”.

Then the Truck Driver said, “What? And you still sleep on the bed every night?!”

Moral of the Story:
Each and every matter is already destined for us especially our Death. Death is a harsh and fearful reality faced by everyone who lives. No one has the power to avoid it neither can anybody decide how they are going to die. Two things we can just not decide for ourselves are life and death. God alone can grant life and then take it back after an appointed time. Being afraid of what our future will bring to us won’t stop our destiny from reaching us! If it is destined to reach us at a particular time it will reach us even if we think we are in the best of health.

“So let’s get rid of all our worries and prepare ourselves for our afterlife peacefully because the fear we live today won’t stop the fate of tomorrow!”