Overcoming Fear of Abandonment

Having fear of abandonment is one of the most common problems in youngsters today. Over possessiveness and attractions may lead to this phobia. Having a feel of getting abandoned in a relationship may lead to a breakup in the relationship. It not just hurts you, it may also affect your partner and increase the gap between you both. Here are few simple tips to lose the fear of abandonment.

1. Have trust in each other: A good relationship can happen only with trust. The situations may not be same as you think or see. Have trust on your partner and be patient enough to know the facts.
2. Avoid assuming: Never assume something about your relationship on your own. Talk to your partner and share your feelings. All your doubts may get cleared when you share.

3. Never generalize: Everyone is not same. Don’t think whatever happened in your friends’ relationship will happen in your life too.

4. Cope up with your emotions: Emotions are common but you can always control them. Don’t get excited too much. Be practical in emotions.

5. Never expect too much: Expecting too much always hurts. Be normal and think even your partner is a human being and even he loves and trusts you as you do. he never wishes to leave you. And don’t make him lose his feelings for you.


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