Need vs. Want

“Don’t confuse things you want with the things you need as then you will find yourself empty-handed”
, says a famous quote. Need is something that is required to sustain whereas want is something you desire for a better living. For example, you need food, clothing, and shelter whereas you want a big house, branded clothes, and junk food. Nowadays a lot of people create problems for themselves and are in debt just because they can’t differentiate between the two.
By this, we do not mean that you should not desire things. Life is for living not surviving. But nowadays the problem is people sacrifice the things they need for things they want.

1. Afford: The first factor while considering something is whether you can afford or not. Ask yourself whether you can afford it currently and still the financial conditions will remain same.

2. Need: 60% off sale. What would you do? A lot of people would rush to the mall without even realizing that it is just a waste of their time and money. Why buy things you don’t need just for a sake of discount?

3. Want: You want to buy that pretty dress you saw in the mall. Sure, go ahead. Want is desire and desire is hope for something. Our life revolves around our hopes and expectations, you should always work hard to get what you want.

The only thing you should do is hard work and provide dedication towards your work in a right manner. This is the only way your wants and needs both will be fulfilled. I would like to conclude by the famous quote: “Do not save what is left after spending, instead spend what is left after saving”.


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