Armani suit, silk tie, shoes of woodland and a dynamic style; you see a person who symbolizes himself as a complete gentleman and just the other moment, you watch him spitting tobacco just beside the red carpet. You will turn your face from him the very next second. What made that person look low in your eyes? Manners, right?

Manners are the salt of one’s personality. Just as the presence of salt is never noticed but its absence can be felt clearly, in a similar way, manners hide behind in personality but the moment they fade away from a personality, its absence can be seen clearly.

Talking with respect to others, to walk with discipline, to have proper body language, all these small things merge up to form manners in a body. You cannot say one’s personality is fully developed if that person runs low on manners. In fact, it is the most basic thing if you want to build up your personality.
Whatever you do, wherever you go and whatsoever time it may be, make sure that to throw that charm of your personality on others, thereby flattering them, you need to carry some manners, ‘coz manners in a man make him a ‘gentleman’!


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