Learn To Say ‘No’

Straight trees are always chosen first for cutting! Always keep in mind this thought. If you stay too easy and available for others, people won’t take any kind of hesitation to take you for granted.

Coming straight to the point, you must be facing situations in which you want to say a NO to the person but just because of some RESPECT you have from them, you do the work. It’s good. But it is completely unacceptable if you always do their work, in spite of your shoulders being heavy with loads of work.

The very easy way to say no is to avoid running about the bush and just say NO with keen politeness. Let this be understood with a simple consideration. You have a report to make for an event and also a submission to be handed over the next day. There appears some neighbor of yours from nowhere asking you for help. He needs you to go right to the station to fetch a ticket for him. You respect him and you usually go for him but this time, your responsibilities have been burdening you. Here is what you can say: “I am really sorry, but I really have much stuff to do and I need to complete this and submit by tomorrow by hook or by crook. So I won’t be able to help you.
If you neighbor understands you and is quite ethical, he will appreciate your honesty and will have no issues.

When you say a no, you need not worry what the other person might think. It is ok to say no only and only if it is considerable. If you lie on a cozy couch all day and give a straight no to your mom who needs help, that can prove to be a complete piffle.

It’s good to help, it is better to help many-a-times but not at all appreciable if you make yourself available by compelling yourself. This will evoke nothing but frustration in yourself.
Always keep this in mind: When you are saying a YES to others, make sure you are not saying a NO to yourself!


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