How to Quit Addictions

“Addiction is the only prison that locks you on the inside.”, goes a famous quote. It is a mental disorder that causes a type of relaxation to the brain. It is a need for habit-forming substances such as alcohol or drugs. Addiction is a devil that resides within us.

Addiction is easy to develop but hard to quit. According to a survey, nearly 60% of the youth now a day is addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking. You need to develop a self-help manual or get some inspiration to get rid of it.
Some of the helpful tips are:

1. Gather some self-help books: A lot of self-help books are available when it comes to quitting alcohol, smoking or drugs. Some of them include: I need to stop drinking, Seven Weeks to Sobriety: The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism Through Nutrition, Drinking to Distraction etc.

2. Friends: Whether you want to quit something or start something, they are always a reason. They can help you through this too. Just tell them about your decision and tell them why you took it. They will take up the rest.

3. Distraction: This can be the most helpful as anyone could benefit from a long list of distractions that can take the mind away from addictions. Try learning music, dance or any craft that can become your passion.

4. Keep a record: Psychologists say keeping a record journal provides you self-motivation and inspiration for quitting addictions as you can track your progress.

5. Keep away from triggers: Triggers, like going to a certain place, certain time and meeting certain people, should be avoided during the quitting period.


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