How to Overcome Jealousy

The core of jealousy is the fear of loss. Jealousy is an emotion that is driven by insecurity. It is natural until you don’t let yourself go crazy over it and re-define your thoughts wishing you had the other person’s life. Jealousy is not a wrong emotion until you make it the center of your life. It is not harmful until it becomes a strong emotion.
Here are some tips on how to overcome jealousy:

1. Understanding the problem: Understand that you have a problem and ask yourself what makes you feel that way. One of the major cause of jealousy is insecurity that makes you believe that you are not enough on your own.

2. Stop comparing: Stop comparing yourself to others and their lives. Meditate and tell yourself that you don’t need this emotion as you are satisfied and have a fulfilling life.

3. Visualize: Use your imagination to feel better about yourself. Think of the times when you have achieved something or something good happened. You need to work on your strengths and deal with weaknesses and this is a part of life.

4. Relationships: If your jealousy is caused due to your relationship, talk to your partner about this. Let your partner know about this as this will help you to work as a team against it. Tell them what he/she does that makes you feel jealous and work on it.

5. Love yourself: The most important thing here is if you love yourself, you cannot be jealous of others if you love yourself. Choose to focus on yourself instead of others.


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