How To Make Powerfull First Impression

Imagine yourself making your first impression before any official or any other being. Obviously, you don’t want your dignity stamped down to ground by letting a false impression on the opposite person. It is quite true that we enter in a state where we try to select the appropriate pose of our body. In fact, we concentrate more on the creating an impression on the opposite person rather than listening to what he is saying.

The first and the foremost thing you must do when you meet any person is to greet him or her by shaking hands. Note that when you shake your hands, your palm must be faced exactly sideways, neither upwards nor downwards. Keeping your palm upwards while shaking hands shows that you have a submissive nature and keeping it downwards indicates that you have dominant nature.

When you begin with greetings, you need to catch their attention and so you need to look them into their eyes. Look at them confidently, paying attention to each and every word the other person is speaking.

This is a very common thing, though. It is found in many people that they are not able to make direct eye contact with the opposite person. Well, the best thing to overcome this to look at the nose of the person. He will feel that you are looking him in his eyes. For now, catch hold of a person nearby you and tell to look at your nose for a demo. You will feel if that person is looking right in your eyes.
Of course, a dress code is a must in a personality. You must be dressed in a way to make the opposite person spellbound (of course in a positive way my dear!). You can find more about the dress code in the Attire section of this application.
POSE! Now we have hit the spot. Your body pose depends on the people you meet. If the person you are meeting is an official, you can put your hands just beside your leg. Or better, you can hold your hands keeping them in front.
If you are going for a casual meeting, you can put your hands in your pockets and keep your legs straight, refraining from tilting one side on your legs. it leaves a ridiculous impression on the opposite.
This is all the foremost things brought to you by Personality Development to guide you in creating a flattering first impression.


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