How to Get Rid of the Fear of Rejection

We all experience fear of rejection at times. We feel trepidation when we meet someone new. We feel an uncomfortable knot in the stomach when we have to ask someone attractive to go out with us. This fear can paralyze us from taking action towards our goals and sabotage our dreams and aspirations.
Don’t let this fear overpower you. You can overcome it if you want to. Following are a few tips to get rid of this fear of rejection once and for all.

•Understand that it is natural: This fear is natural and very common. How we cope with it is important.

•Stop being a people pleaser: You can’t please everyone around. This constant pressure of being in other people’s good books makes many feel anxious about getting rejected by them.

•Don’t give over-importance to people’s opinions: Understand that those are “their” opinions and not absolute truths.

•Use your imagination positively: Most fearful people have an overactive negative imagination. Use it to see yourself staying calm and confident even when rejected.

•Face your fears: Practice makes perfect. Face situations where you might get rejected. The more you do, the more you will learn to manage your fear of rejection well.


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