How To Build Confidence

Ever tried to speak on any topic in public? Ever gathered guts to stand up and speak in front of 250 human beings? No? Ask yourself why and the only answer you get will be a lack of confidence.

When you have two ways to choose from and if both the ways mislead you, there is always a third way you need to carve out. There is either lack of confidence or over-confidence. You need to walk on the mid-path, confidence.

Confidence, in simple words, means the presence of mind. You cannot gain confidence over-night. What you need is practice. Confidence is a skill that needs to be developed. Gather a small audience of your friends and deliver a speech in front of them. Even speak to yourself while standing in front of the mirror. The key to confidence is self-trust and self-motivation. Trust yourself enough that you will do well and motivate yourself enough that you can achieve the skill.

The more you will speak, the more confidence you will gain. Mistakes are inevitable while practicing but they are the key ingredients that will boost up the confidence in you. Speak whenever you get a chance. Note down the moments you stop and work on those weak points. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is the failure that leads the man towards success. If you are failing, it means you are trying and if you are trying, success is just at your doorsteps already!


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