How To Become The LION Of The Jungle

Lion- the leader of the jungle. Everyone wishes to be the LION of his group. Everyone wants to be the leader and lead the group. And by being a leader, that person wants to REIGN the group. If it is so, that person doesn’t know the meaning of leadership and needs to go through this article.

A leader is a person who represents the group on behalf of all the team members. We all know that a leader must be cool, calm, a good listener and everything. It is very quite true. If a person just throws ideas and orders on his members, he is not called a leader. Not to forget that he is also just a member, just that he has more responsibilities than other people and he needs to manage all those responsibilities. Describing him in one word, he is the manager of the group.

Being a leader, first of all, you must take views from every member. You merge all the decisions and make the final decision by contributing some modifications on your basis.

Whenever a problem arises, it is you who need to keep calm first. Distribute the load of various people and not just randomly. A good leader knows his members quite well. so distribute loads on appropriate person. Like for example, if any report is to be prepared, you can hand it to a person good at writing content, and not to someone who is in marketing section.

Inevitably, your group will face successes and failures. It is to the entire group that the result belongs, whether a success or a failure. A leader doesn’t grab away success all by himself.

To be a good leader, think of yourself as a tree and your members as your branches. If you will grow, so will your branches. When you will fall, so will your branches. And without branches, you are worthless!


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