How to Be More Thankful

Gratitude is one of the most important qualities to have for a happy and peaceful mind. We receive many gifts from life and the people around us every day. But we hardly feel thankful for them. Instead, we complain about the smallest of unwanted things.

Make it a habit: Practice saying “Thank you” as many times as you can – to people, to situations, to good things as well as bad things, as they too are there to teach you something.

Become aware of the positive aspects: There are so many good things happening in our lives, but we ignore them. It is important to become aware of them to bring more gratitude in our lives.

Ignore the negative: This doesn’t mean that we are not aware of the not-so-good things. However, focusing on the negative only begets more negativity which makes us whine about it.

Write a gratitude journal: This is an excellent technique to remind us about the goodness that surrounds us. Write at least 10 things that you feel grateful about that happened during the day.

Learn to pray: Prayer is all about gratitude. Practice praying every day and thank God or the Universe for the good health, valuable possessions, wonderful relationships, beautiful coincidences, etc. in your life.


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