How to Be Likeable

Everyone knows and believes that everyone is born with their own features and all are unique with their personality. We all are different with different behaviors. But being likeable doesn’t come from birth always. You can also add the following features to make yourself likeable and impress your surroundings.
1. Keep Smiling:

A smile can heal any pain. It is so powerful to catch anyone’s attention. Have a pretty smile on your face always. It really has so much to improve your appearance and attitude.

2. Don’t be judgemental:

There are good and bad in everything. Don’t always decide or judge about somebody. What you see for that instance may not tell you the whole story about the person. Be respectful towards others.

3. Be open:

Don’t hide something in yourself. Speak out if you feel good or bad. Try to mingle with the group. How much ever you socialize with people, that much you will become likeable.

4. Be confident:

Never have a doubt about yourself and your behavior. Do whatever with confidence. That puts you out from the crowd and obviously, people will like you for that.

5. Don’t overreact :
Let the things go. Don’t ever take it to heart. Try to apologize if someone hurts you.


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