How to be a better listener

Many of us are good at speaking but not at listening. In any argument or discussion, we tend to involve in speaking rather listening to fellow speakers. For that moment, we may create an impression on others, but we will lose most of the important content of the discussion.

Listening is a great skill that makes us an effective leader. With a proper understanding of content and expression, we can learn a lot about the theme and the speaker. Here are few tips to be a better listener.

1. When you listen, just listen:
Keep your cell phone aside and just listen to what they say. Be curious about the topic and think that you should never miss out even a word of a speech.
2. Don’t read mind, rather speak out:
When you listen, if you get some doubts ask the speaker rather imagining something on your own.

3. Keep an eye contact with the speaker:
Body language is very much important for a speaker. Same way understanding that is important for a listener. Look at their eyes, it makes you focussed.

4. Don’t interrupt a conversation:
When someone speaks, don’t speak in between. There will be a time for discussion after every meeting. Wait for your time and speak.

5. Summarise what you heard later:
In the process of listening, you may forget to note down something you heard. After the meeting, summarize the things, it helps you in retaining the content for a longer time.


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