How Not To Argue

Whenever there is an on-going conversation between two people or more, there will be an exchange of different ideas among them and it is completely inevitable. Considering this fact, it is very important to have a smooth co-ordination between them. What results from a lack of co-ordination then is an argument.

When thoughts differ, the argument arises if not taken into proper understanding. It is a very prior principle that when we have a conversation with someone, the ideas we share must be understood clearly by the other person and vice versa. If either of them lacks in following that prior principle, an argument will surely arise.

Proper understanding and clear thoughts reduce the chances os an argument. It is also important for the persons to keep calm while exchanging thoughts. The speaker must be clear in what he speaks and what he wants to mean by his thoughts and at the same time, the other person must have a careful listening to what he speaks. Even these small actions can prevent us from falling into an argument. The best and the prominent way to avoid an argument is to consider the conversation as a discussion.

Keep calm, have a clear exchange of thoughts, keep it a discussion and even have a small smile on your face while talking. These all will really help by not to argue while chatting.


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