Chapter 10:Tuning Your Internal Voice To ConfidenceSynopsis

A lot of people today rely on their inner voice to help them make decisions, and with time and practice, this has proven to be a good and beneficial way to get things done.

The following are some reasons why and how tuning the internal voice will help to build confidence:
Practicing the art of listening to one’s internal voice is something that requires the individual to focus and clear the mind. Being able to have a clear mind will allow the individual to really listen to the inner voice. Meditation is one good way to exercise, as it eventually helps the individual to call on the mindset that facilitates the inner voice.
Being acutely aware of the body and keeping it in optimum conditions will help the individual to be in a better frame of mind and health. When the body is healthy, the mind is able to explore and tap into the positive energy it exudes, thus making it easier and clearer to connect to the inner voice.
Learning to tap into the energy that dreams can bring forth will also help the individual to be able to focus on such dreams and the inner voice will keep positive energy surrounding it. Science has over the years been able to prove that constant and almost obsessive thinking of a dream will eventually give the individual the energy and confidence needed to put the dream into reality. There is nothing more powerful than the body and mind which is driven by confidence.
Healthy beliefs also contribute to the eventual success of the individuals who have learned over time to trust their instincts. The positiveness of the beliefs will give the individual the confidence to strike out and achieve the tasks given in a successful manner.