Unsolved Question!

Once some high ranked political leaders were holding a public meeting. Tables were well arranged with neat and clean white cloths, bouquet and bisleri water bottles. One of the leaders started his speech.
People were listening the speech very minutely. Suddenly, a boy (maybe eleven or twelve years old) from the public, ran towards the table, picked up a water bottle and tried to run away. It happened so quickly that nobody could realise exactly what had happened!!
People only heard a sudden noise of ‘ hey….hey…..hey.. catch him…catch him’, nothing else. Anyway, the boy was caught by the security police.
The police held the boy’s hand tightly and asked, ‘You stupid! What have you stolen?’
The boy said, ‘Nothing.’
The police got angry and slapped the boy. With anger he shouted, ‘Show me your hands.’
Now the boy was scared. He showed both of his hands. He was holding a water bottle.
The police was stunned when he saw the bottle. But out of curiosity, he demanded, ‘Why a water bottle?’
The boy looked at his face out of fear and stammered, ‘I wanted to taste the water if it gives any special taste, whether it is the same water, like the water coming in our public pipe!!!’
The police got furious now and twisted his ear said,’You stupid! Don’t you know this is pure water? The political leaders never drink the normal water that you drink. Don’t you know that, you fool?’
The boy looked at him in a big questioning face and asked,’Why so ?????’

But, there was no answer to his question………………………….


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