Failures In Life

I am in high school and am taking the most difficult examination but no matter how I try to study I cant win. But today I realized that no one can help me get good grades only God can, it hurts to always see yourself at the bottom of the class every time but I know that if I continue to try I will get good grades.
Many people in my class think that its just because I don’t care for my grades, but I care about them more than anything else.
God promised that He’ll take care of me, so every time they bring our papers where we did our work I know that no matter the grades I get God has a good plan for me. Same thing I want to tell to people who always do things and they don’t work out believe in God.
At first they used to tell me that and I would think it’s a lie.
If you believe in God you will never be ashamed in life. People try to push away God but if you open your eyes widely, there is no future without God, believe it or not but its the truth and the truth hurts.
Many times I tried to do things on my own I would really mess up and if it had worked, it would be for a short time. That’s when I realized that no matter what I do without God’s blessing, it’s nothing and I won’t get something of value out of it.
It’s not that hard to follow. just believe in Him. I know people feel like its tiresome, its not once you ask strength from God. He’ll be right beside you.


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