51. Suit Yourself

It’s safe to say I don’t know who or what God is. However, I am certain there is something greater. Some claim to have talked to God or vise versa. Some say he commanded them to do his bidding. I doubt that a man who blocked their own conscience could possibly have listened to God.
Maybe my reasoning is no better than billions of others, but consider this….. Many say God is everywhere….then……could everywhere be God?
Suppose this is so. I would have to guess then that God has a sort of super infinite awareness (not fathomable to any one of us). I could also surmise that each of us knows some small facet of God. And logically, if we have spoken to others then maybe we all have talked to God and vise versa.
This might be a heady conclusion for the ego. Therein lies the problem. Some egos don’t listen to their conscience. I define conscience as our subconscious connection to a higher awareness – that we are all connected. It knows that what we do to the least of others we do to God, and following my logic… to ourselves.
“What goes around comes around!” Indeed! Could this be in deed, in thought, in intention, and in every way – we get what we give, if not here, then in the “here after”? It could go either way, evil or good.
If this makes any sense perhaps we should each try to listen to our own conscience which often flies in the face of egotistical desires.
Should I be a self-server, or should I be a server? … just some ideas I wanted to share.


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