There are five methods of testing. They are as follows:

§  Static Testing

§  Dynamic Testing

§  Black Box Testing

§  White Box Testing

§  Visual Testing

Static Testing:

§  Static testing is the testing of the software work products manually, or with a set of tools, but they are not executed.

§  It starts early in the Life cycle and so it is done during the verification process.

§  It does not need computer as the testing of program is done without executing the program. For example: reviewing, walk through, inspection, etc.

Dynamic Testing:

§  Dynamic Testing is a kind of software testing technique using which the dynamic behaviour of the code is analysed.

§  For Performing dynamic, testing the software should be compiled and executed and parameters such as memory usage, CPU usage, response time and overall performance of the software are analyzed.

§  Dynamic testing involves testing the software for the input values and output values are analyzed.

Black Box Testing:

§  Black box testing is a software testing method where in testers are not required to know coding or internal structure of the software.

§  Black box testing method relies on testing software with various inputs and validating results against expected output.

White Box Testing:

§  White Box Testing is also known as Glass Box Testing, Clear Box Testing, Structural Testing, Transparent Box Testing, and Code Based Testing.

§  White box testing is the software testing method in which internal structure is being known to tester who is going to test the software.

§  White-box testing can be applied at the unit, integration and system levels of the software testing process.

§  Unit testing is one of the White box testing methods.

Visual Testing:

§  Visual Testing is also known as GUI testing. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface.

§  Visual Testing is the process of testing a product’s graphical user interface to ensure it meets its written specifications like testing images and buttons alignment on any webpage.


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