The World Wide Web (WWW) is perhaps the most important component that moved the internet from scientists and research organizations to people’s homes.

It offers smooth and easy to use graphical interface to access information available on internet and it is considered as synonymous of internet.

The WWW is distributed file management system with programs to access and send information.

The Clients to WWW are internet browsers that help to connect to a website, request a web page and format the received content for display.

The fundamental unit of Web is Web Page.

The web page is a text document developed using HTML that contains links to other web pages, graphics and audio files and other internet services such as email.

Web pages reside on web server and can be accessed with the help of internet browsers.


URL is also known as Uniform Resource Locator.

It provides an address of particular web page on internet. 
Example: is URL of Yahoo site home page. A URL contains four components:

§  http:It is also known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used for communication of web pages. Any web page uses rules and regulations governed by this protocol.

§  www:It is a service used in web browser to access web pages or access internet sites.

§ It is a server name of yahoo on internet.

§  index.html: It is web page address in yahoo web server.

§  HTML: Web pages are created with the help of HTML (Hyper Text MarkupLanguages).HTML allows the creator of web pages to specify how the text will be displayed and how a web page would be linked with other webpages.These links are normally known as Hyer Text Link.

Most Important facility of Internet:


§  The killer application of Internet is known as Electronic Mail or e-mail, which allows users to send text and graphic messages to another user located anywhere in the world without any delay, and at almost nil cost.

§  For E-mail, a user either uses some web based mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail to open his mail account on their server, or he can be given a mail account by his ISP(Internet Service Provider) on ISP server.

§  The email provided by popular mail servers or ISP is unique ID like, and can be accessed from anywhere in world.

§  The email services provided by web sites like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo are very easy to use and come with numerous user friendly feature like:

·         Address Book: To maintain mail address of nears and dears

·         Compile a Mail: This provides a user friendly editor which help to create a new email.

·         Reply: This option helps to reply to an already received mail by writing the message in received mail itself.

·         Forward Mail: This option allows forwarding a received mail to other users.

·         Block Sender: This option helps to block senders’ address from which users do not want to receive any mail.

·         Attachment: This option helps to attach and send files along with the email messages to receivers.


§  It is also known as File Transfer Protocol

§  It is a service used for sending and receiving files from local computer to a computer on internet, or receiving files from a computer on internet to local computer.

§  There are various software which provide FTP services like Microsoft Web Publisher, Cute FTP, etc.


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