Utility Programs are designed to help analyze, configure, optimise, or maintain a computer.

Some are included with the Operating System.

It is a type of system software used to support the computer infrastructure.

Features of Utility Programs:

Some of key features are as follows:

  • Data compression


  • Data Synchronization


  • File synchronization


  • Disk compression


Characteristics of Utility Programs:

File Management

§  File Management programs make it easier to manage your files. Many programs were written to help the user find files, create and organize directories, copy, move, and rename files.

§  Some even used the mouse to point and click to accomplish these tasks. You don’t appreciate the vastness of the improvement until you’ve tried to do these things from the command line.

Disk Management

§  Disk Management programs involve formatting and defragmenting disks.

§  Defragmenting means putting files on the disk so that the whole file is in sequence.

§  This reduces the time to access the file. Some disk management programs even let you specify that certain files that are accessed often, like o/s, are at the front of the disk.

Memory Management

§  Memory Management software handles where in RAM programs put their current data. They move certain memory-resident items out of the way.

§  This can effectively increase the memory available by getting all the unused pieces together in one spot, making a useable amount.


§  Backup program, which also restores the backed up data, is a must if you have any data at all that you want to keep around for a while. The software will compress the data to take up the least space.

Data Recovery

§  Data Recovery programs are used to recover deleted or damaged (corrupted) files.


§  Anti-virus software is a software utility that detects, prevents, and removes viruses, worms, and other malware from a computer.

§  Antivirus programs are essential utilities for any computer but the choice of which one is very important.

§  Some Anti-Viruses might detect the virus or malware while another cannot. It depends which anti-virus is helpful to detect the virus from computer.


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