§  We know there is a several file organization like sequential, serial, index sequential addressing, and random and direct file organization.

§  The best file organization depends upon various factors and analysis of these factors provide the best file organization for required data file and these factors are:

·         File Size

·         File Activity

·         File Volatility

·         File Interrogation

File Size:

§  This refers to how large is your file in size.

§  Larger file with low file activity and low interrogation can have sequential file organization otherwise larger file with high activity and interrogation should have direct sequential file organization.

File Activity:

§  This refers to, for processing only individual records are accessed from a file or most of records are accessed from file like in online system only individual records are accessed for processing therefore direct access file organization is required but in payroll file almost all the records are accessed during processing therefore sequential file organization may also suit the requirement.

File Volatility:

§  This refers to number of addition and deletion of records in a file in a given time.

§  Large File with high volatility ISAM method is good choice.

§  Otherwise other direct access method can be used for small size high volatile file.

File Interrogation:

§  This refers to retrieval of information from a file.

§  If retrieval of information is to be fast to support some online information system then there should be direct access file organization otherwise sequential file organization can also be considered.


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