Features of E-Commerce

§  Non-Cash Payment

§  24×7 Service Availability

§  Advertising / Marketing

§  Improved Sales

§  Support

§  Inventory Management

§  Communication Improvement

Non-Cash Payment:

§  E-Commerce enables use of credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, electronic fund transfer via bank’s website and other modes of electronics payment.

24×7 Service Availability:

§  E-commerce automates business of enterprises and services provided by them to customers are available anytime, anywhere.

§  Here 24×7 refers to 24 hours of each seven days of a week.

Advertising / Marketing:

§  E-commerce increases the reach of advertising of products and services of businesses.

§  It helps in better marketing management of products / services.

Improved Sales:

§  Using E-Commerce, orders for the products can be generated anytime, anywhere without any human intervention. By this way, dependencies to buy a product reduce at large and sales increases.


§  E-Commerce provides various ways to provide pre sales and post sales assistance to provide better services to customers.

Inventory Management:

§  Using E-Commerce, inventory management of products becomes automated.

§  Reports get generated instantly when required. Product inventory management becomes very efficient and easy to maintain.

Communication Improvement:

§  E-Commerce provides ways for faster, efficient, reliable communication with customers and partners

Difference between Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce:

Traditional Commerce:

§  Heavy dependency on information exchange from person to person.

§  Communication/ transaction are done in synchronous way. Manual intervention is required for each communication or transaction.

§  It is difficult to establish and maintain standard practices in traditional commerce.

§  Communications of business depends upon individual skills.

§  Unavailability of a uniform platform as traditional commerce depends heavily on personal communication.

§  No uniform platform for information sharing as it depends heavily on personal communication.

E- Commerce:

§  Information sharing is made easy via electronic communication channels making little dependency on person to person information exchange.

§  Communication or transaction can be done in asynchronous way. Electronics system automatically handles when to pass communication to required person or do the transactions.

§  A uniform strategy can be easily established and maintain in e-commerce.

§  In e-Commerce or Electronic Market, there is no human intervention.

§  E-Commerce website provides user a platform where al l information is available at one place.

§  E-Commerce provides a universal platform to support commercial / business activities across the globe.


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