Role of Internet in E-Commerce popularity:

§  Reach

§  Cost

§  Growth

§  Universality

§  Reliable

§  Performance


§  Internet is available everywhere, this has made the E-Commerce application reach also everywhere.


§  Cost of Data Communication and Setting an E-Commerce is low due to low cost of internet services


§  Internet is very popular network for data communication and everyday thousands of people get connected which ultimate provide fast growth of E-Commerce activity.


§  Internet is a global network and available for any part of the world.

§  It has provided a universal access to an organization for setting E-COMMERCE Activities and communicating with other business.


§  Internet is a very reliable network in term of its working in spite of different types of devices and applications working on internet at the same time Internet have Nil down Time or Nil non-availability problems.


§  Internet can handle any type of data video, audio, and text data.

§  It provides a high performance in terms of handling different types of data and services. Thus It also improves the performance of E-Commerce.


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