Purpose of CRM:

§  CRM enables the company to create or keep in contact with the customer or the prospect.

§  In a first step, this allows the company to get known, to make its products and services known.

§  However, the first use of CRM is customer loyalty. With the increasingly stiff competition, to retain customers gets very complicated.

§  In addition, the customer is freer to select his partner companies, products and services.

§  Therefore, it is more costly for a company to gain new customers than to maintain their loyalty.

§  Customer relationship management is a tool that can also serve as quality service.

§  CRM allows the company to be always present with the customer, to meet his needs, if possible to anticipate these needs and to propose offers that the clients may not have even thought about.

Advantages of CRM:

§  Efficiency

§  Better Coordination and Cooperation

§  Increased accountability

§  Improved customer experience

§  Focused Marketing Efforts

§  Automated Analytics and Reporting

Disadvantages of CRM:

§  Sometimes Complicated

§  Not easy to put in a place.


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