Electronic Commerce is the process of doing business electronically

Online Commerce started with the invention of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a form of electronic commerce, which deals with the electronic transmission of preformatted business transaction documents.

E-Commerce is not a single technology but a combination of sophisticated technologies and business services integrated to provide instant transaction and response to consumer.

E-Commerce is a collection of technologies, processes and strategies.

E-Commerce is a business anywhere around the world at any time.

E-Commerce has become very popular after invention of Internet.

E-Commerce with Internet has many benefits like .

§  Lower cost of Operation

§  Better Interaction with consumer.

§  Business at any time.

§  Personal Solution to consumer.

§  Instant transaction for Business.

§  Instant response and status of delivery for consumer and World Wide reach etc.

§  Provide updated information

§  Paper less transaction

§  Services can be setup anywhere.

§  Availability of business services all around the world.

§  Online Inventory management

§  Creation of new markets without incurring large cost

§  Reduced advertising cost

There are some problems areas of E-Commerce, like:.

§  Security problems for data and payments

§  False claim of organisation to customer.

§  Virtual presence of goods on net do not assure that actual goods would also be same

§  Payment modes are risky like payments through credit card etc.

Overall the E-Commerce is a successful concept for business/ services like education, health services, logistics services, stock market and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) call centers etc.


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