• Used for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) but can be used for other purposes such as Data Warehousing. This records the data from the user for history.

  • The tables and joins are complex since they are normalized (for RDMS). This is done to reduce redundant data and to save storage space.

  • Entity – Relational modeling techniques are used for RDMS database design.

  • Optimized for write operation.

  • Performance is low for analysis queries.

Data Warehouse:

  • Used for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). This reads the historical data for the

  • Users for business decisions.

  • The Tables and joins are simple since they are de-normalized. This is done to reduce the response time for analytical queries.

  • Data – Modeling techniques are used for the Data Warehouse design.

  • Optimized for read operations.

  • High performance for analytical queries.

  • It is a type of Database which focus on very specific applications.


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