The Database Administrator (DBA) is usually a dedicated role in the IT department for large organizations.

The primary role of Database Administration is to ensure maximum up time for the database so that it is always available when needed. 

Keeping data secure is only one of the roles of the DBA. The typical tasks of a DBA include:

§  Controlling access to the database, including creating logins for users and setting roles for each user. Some users may only need to query the data, while others are involved in entering new data.

§  Providing support services to the end users, such as making sure all users know how to use the database.

§  Managing procedures for backup and recovery of data, in case of errors made by users or system crashes. You don’t want to lose all the valuable data just because the power went out.

§  Ensuring data integrity, which means that data are complete, accurate and current for the tasks at hand?

§  Controlling data security, including preventing unauthorized access to the data and protecting against other security threats.

§  Setting data privacy, which means that only authorized individuals are able to see certain data? For example, there is no need for everyone in the organization to be able to see all the personnel files of all the employees.


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