All the microprocessors use bus type of design to transfer bits within the CPU, memory and input/output devices.

The electrical channels that transfer these bits are known as Buses.

An 8 bit machine has 8 data channels that transfer 8 bits at a time between components of computer.

There are three types of System Buses. These are:

§  Data Bus

§  Address Bus

§  Control Bus

Data Bus:

§  We know in a system there are two major tasks.

§  First, processing of data; and second, transfer the data between various devices.

§  The processing of data which is done by CPU is directly related with the clock sped of CPU.

§  The second aspect, which is related to transfer of data between CPU and various other devices, depends upon the width of Data Bus.

§  Width of Data Bus is; numbers of channels can be related to lans of highway.

§  Therefore, more the width of data bus is there more will be data transfer speed, which in turn help to increase the data processing speed.

§  As we know, Data processing two aspects are involved.

·         Processing

·         Transfer of Data between various devices.

Address Bus:

§  The Computer power is not known for its speed only; it is known for its storage capability that how much a computer is capable of holding data and programs in its memory.

§  The Computer Memory capacity is determined with the width of another type of Bus, known as Address Bus.

§  The Address Bus is used to transfer the addresses of data and instructions between memory and CPU.

§  The Present Day’s Computers have 36 bits of Address Bus.

Control Bus:

§  This is an electrical path which is used to transfer the control signals from CPU to other devices.


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