Let us now understand more about Software. Software has been divided in two categories:

§  System Software

    • Operating System
    • Utilities

§  Application Software

System Software:

1.      It includes the Operating System and all the Utilities that enable a Computer to function.

Operating System:

1.      Operating System is the soul of a computer. It is the basic software in any computer which controls the overall activity.

2.      It acts as an interface between user and the computer.

3.      It directly communicates with the computer parts and gets the job within fraction of seconds.

4.      It makes the computer user – friendly.


1.      They help to maintain and control a computer system.

2.      Disk Cleanup is one of the system utilities which is used to remove unwanted files and folders from a computer.

3.      Backup is an another system utilities which is used to create a copy of the important files for future use.

Application Software:

1.      An Application helps the user to perform a specific task. Paint, WordPad, word, Spreadsheets are some of the Application Software. Let us discuss few of them.

Word Processing Software:

1.      We heard about the Word Processing Software i.e. MS-Word in computer.

2.      In this software, we can type, make changes when required. We can change the size and color of text and can add numbers check the spellings and grammar etc.

3.      In addition to, Google Docs are the other Word Processing Software.

Web Browser:

1.      Web Browser Software is used to open a website.

2.      Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is some examples of Web Browser.

Spreadsheet Software:

1.      Spreadsheet Software can perform simple or complex calculation on numbers.

2., Microsoft Excel is some examples of Spreadsheet Software.


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