Forms of Input:

There are two forms of Input:

·         Data: Whatever we type with the help of a keyboard like words, letters, symbols and numbers is known as Data. Data is the raw facts given to a computer.

·         Command: When we finish the work on a computer, we always ‘SAVE’ it. This is an example of giving a Command to the computer. It is the special code or keyword that a user gives to perform a task.

Forms of Output:

There are two forms of Output:

1.      Soft Copy:

2.      The output seen on the monitor or heard through the speakers is known as Soft Copy output.

3.      When we save The file on computer disk is also called Soft copy

4.      Hard Copy:

5.      Whatever we type or draw on notebook, the same when printed on paper is called Hard Copy.


Hardware And Software:

All computer components are classified as Hardware and Software

1.      Hardware:

2.      Hardware is the physical parts/devices that we can touch and see.

3.      The monitor, mouse, CPU is the hardware of the computer.

4.      Software:

5.      Software is the instruction that tell the hardware how to do work.

6.      We cannot touch them physically.

7.      MS-Paint, MS- Word, Computer games etc. are the Software of computer.

Relationship Between Hardware And Software:

The following are important points regarding the relationship between Hardware and Software:

§  Both hardware and software are necessary for a computer to do a useful job.

§  Hardware and software are mutually dependent on each other. Both of them must work together to make a computer produce a useful output.

§  Software cannot be utilized without supporting hardware.

§  Hardware is a one-time expense. Where as Software development is very expensive and is a continuing expense.


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