File Management is the process of storing, managing the data stored on disks or secondary storage in the form of files.

A File Management system should not be confused with a file system, which manages all types of data and files includes a programming language for further data manipulation.

The system may contain features like:

§  Assigning queued document numbers for processing

§  Owner and process mapping to track various stages of processing

§  Report generation

§  Notes

§  Status

§  Create, modify, copy, delete and other file operations

Concepts of File:

§  A File is a logical collection of information stored on Secondary Storage such as Hard Disk.

§  A File is the smallest allotment of secondary storage devices e.g. disk.

§  A File is a sequence of logical records that a sequence of bits and bytes.

§  Files can be used to contain data and programs.

§  Data files can be numeric, alphabetic, alphanumeric or binary.

§  A File has various attributes like name, type, location, size, protection, and date of creation etc.

File Naming:

§  A File can be given a name for the convenience of its use by its creator.

§  A name is attached to every file so as to uniquely identify it and access it through its name.

§  The exact rules for naming a file is vary from system to system. But all Operating System allow string of one to eight letters as legal file name.

§  Digits and some special characters are also allowed in file names.

§  Some systems differentiate between uppercase and lower case characters in names, whereas other systems consider the two cases equivalent.

§  For example: UNIX differentiates uppercase letters from the lowercase whereas MS-DOS does not.

§  Thus in UNIX, files Hello, hello, HeLlo, HELLO are different whereas in MS-DOS, they all represent same file.


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