Introduction :

Application software are often called productivity programs or end-user programs because they enable the user to complete tasks such as creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, doing online research, sending email, designing graphics etc.

Application software runs under the System Software. They are made to do specific tasks which have indirect access to the hardware.

For Example: Web Browser, Word Processing Software, Spreadsheet Software, Database Software, and Presentation Graphics Software. 

Types of Application Software:

There are types of Application Software. These are:

  • Proprietary Software


  • Off-the-shelf Software


  • Customized Software


Proprietary Software

§  Proprietary software is software that is owned by an individual or a company.

§  There are always major restrictions on its use, and its source code is almost kept secret.

§  Examples include iTunes, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Google Earth, Skype, WinRAR, Oracle’s version of Java and some versions of Unix.

Off-the-shelf Software

§  Off-the-shelf is the sort of software that you use at home and school.

§  Examples include word off the shelf software processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics packages etc. The uses of these application are described below:

Uses of Examples:

§  Word processing- Writing reports, memos, letters to customers.

§  Spreadsheet application-Keeping simple company accounts, calculating employee commission payments, simple stock control system, modeling.

§  Database application- Keeping customer records, sales records, appointments system.

§  Desktop publishing-Creating leaflets, posters, business cards.

§  Presentation software- Creating presentations to show to customers or staff.

§  Graphics application- Manipulating images that can be used at home, school or a business.

§  Web design application- Creating personal or business web sites.

Customized Software

§  Customized software is also known as tailor-made software.

§  It is specifically designed and developed for a particular purpose, department or company.

§  The software is owned by the customer and can incorporate features from other software programs.

§  Customized software is written and designed to meet the client’s specific business processes.

§  Customized software development is often considered expensive compared to off-the-shelf solutions or products.

§  Customized software can combine features from other existing software with features that a company needs.

§  Many companies choose customized software in order to eliminate repetitive tasks, enhance the maintenance of precise data, and improve sharing of information and get real-time results.

Advantages of Application Software:

§  Only one specific software application can complete single or multiple tasks.

§  There are very small amount of virus threat invading custom-made application.

§  Business can restrict access and protect their network.

§  Licensed application software can get regular updates from the developer for security purposes.

§  The developer can also check timely if problems occur in their network.

§  Easy to access and always available.

§  Properly documented.

§  Efficient, quick and easy to follow instruction.

§  Application package can designed the whole system software to finish multiple task.

§  Provide a complete set of application from only one source.

Disadvantages of Application Software:

§  Application Software cannot access the System Memory.

§  Application Software cannot connect into other Software.

§  Application Software cannot access the whole network.

§  Developing Application Software is highly cost.

§  The risk of developers can affect budget and revenue flow if the site is not performing.

§  Delays of entire productions can occur when business needed a lot of time to review.

§  Application software that is commonly used by many people carries a very serious threat of infection in a computer.

§  If computer virus or other malicious programs enter your whole data then packages will be damaged including PC.

§  Incompatible with the other programs.

§  Shortcuts may not be created au


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