a young aspiring cricketer

It goes like this: A kid, a young aspiring cricketer, named Brandon Hayden had saved up his money for a long time to buy a Kookaburra Kahuna bat, the kind AB de Villiers uses.

Brandon’s bat got stolen when he was talking to his coach in school. He then met Whackhead, a radio presenter, in a gym in Germiston.

Brandon: Whackhead! I need to ask you a question

Whackhead: Yeah! My Brother! What’s your question?

Brandon: What is the email address for the Christmas wish?

Whackhead: (provides to him) But What’s up dude?

Brandon: (narrates the story of how his bat got stolen. How he saved up a very long time to buy this particular kind of bat that AB uses. And that he wants a new cricket bat )

Whackhead: Okay dude! Send me an email as well so come Christmas wish time I can have a look at it.


(phone ringing, Brandon picks up)

Brandon: Hello

Whackhead: Hello Brandon!

Brandon: Yeah! Who’s speaking?

Whackhead: Take a guess!

Brandon: Oh! It’s Whackhead.

Whackhead: How are you doing, my brother?

Brandon: Good and you!

Whackhead: Listen dude! Remember how sad you were at the Germiston (the place where the kid met Whackhead)

Brandon: Yeah

Whackhead: What exactly happened to the bat?

Brandon: It got stolen

Whackhead: Is it? Where?

Brandon: At the school, I was speaking to my coach. Some other person took it.

Whackhead: Really, eh?

Brandon: And it cost me a lot. I paid for it from my own pocket

Whackhead: Oh Really? Did you save up a long time for it?

Brandon: Yeah

Whackhead: And how long would you say you had the bat for?

Brandon: Maybe….. A month and a half. Maybe a little bit more

Whackhead: How many runs did you score off that thing?

Brandon: I think….. My highest is forty-five.

Whackhead: What was that you asked me for?

Brandon: A cricket bat

Whackhead: What kind?

Brandon: It’s the Kookaburra Kahuna, the one AB de Villiers plays with.

Whackhead: What was so special about that bat as well?

Brandon: It’s Ab de Villiers’. He is like my role model.

Whackhead: Is AB de Villiers your role model?

Brandon: Yeah… And I’m still trying to save up for it.

Whackhead: Brandon! I want to introduce you to someone right now. He wants to talk to you on the phone.

AB(with his cheerful voice) : Brandon!!

Brandon (Surprised): Hello

AB: It’s AB speaking. How are you bud?

Brandon: Good and you.

AB: Good man!!! You you you you need a new bat, eh?

Brandon: Yeah

Whackhead: Do you actually know who you are speaking to, brother?

Brandon: Yeah

Whackhead: Who are you speaking to?

Brandon: AB de Villiers

Whackhead: Correct (AB smiles)

AB: Listen Brandon! I have decided I am gonna have a look at one of my cricket bats. I am gonna find you one of my newest Kookaburra Kahunas. And I am gonna give it to you. You definitely need a bat!

Brandon: That would be. That would be. Awesome (kid breaking down in tears). Thanks

AB: It’s a pleasure my bud!

Brandon: Thanks

Whackhead: Brandon, What do you do on Wednesday?

Brandon: Wednesday….. Nothing

Whackhead: Do you know he’s playing a cricket match on Wednesday?

Brandon: South Africa and Bangladesh. I think. At wanderers

Whackhead: Wanderers. Correct! What do you think about going to go watch that game with me, dude?

Brandon(full of happy tears, couldn’t speak): It would be nice!

Whackhead: And there’s something else AB wants to tell you.

AB: Brandon! Afterwards when you are finished watching the game, I will take you to the change room. I will introduce you to my boys. And the bat I give you, I will find it for you get it signed by all the players.

Brandon(still full of happy tears): Thank you. Awesome. Thank you

AB: As long as you make sure you pick up on Wednesday

Brandon: Yeah sure!

AB: Okay cool!

Whackhead: Thanks very much brother! We will see you on Wednesday

AB: It’s a pleasure Darren (Whackhead’s real name). Anytime.

Whackhead: Thanks my brother. You are a legend!!

AB: Cheers Brandon

Brandon: Cheers AB

AB: Cheers My boy! Take care. I will see you on Wednesday.

Brandon: Yeah

AB: Okay bye!

Brandon: Bye

Whackhead: So listen! We are gonna see you on Wednesday alright?

Brandon: Yeah

Whackhead: 6 o clock. 20 20

Brandon: Yeah. Here’s my mother

Whackhead: Yo Tina! How are you doing?

Tina (Brandon’s mom): When he was talking to him, he was in tears

Whackhead: Was he in tears?

Tina: Even I was in tears. I couldn’t believe he was on the phone

Whackhead: Ah!! Shame man!

Tina: You made our day. Thank you very very much.

This incident happened way before he attained his stardom. His compassion for young cricketers is unbelievable and is good for the sport.

He changed the modern game and is setting a great platform for youngsters. Contemporary players like Maxwell and Buttler look up to him. Youngsters like Sarfaraz Khan wants to emulate AB.

He is not just runs, sixes and centuries. He is much more than that.

He is special. Isn’t he?

Source: Quora


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