Once, a man was washing his car outside his house. He had a beautiful house, a beautiful wife, a good job. While washing his car he saw a person coming towards him, by the look of that man, he had no car, no home, no clean clothes and probably no money, he looked like a bum(beggar).

The man thought, “I hope he doesn’t ask me for any money”.

The bum came and sat near him.

After a while, the bum spoke, “Your car is beautiful.”

The man said, “Thanks!”, and he continued wiping the car.

The bum sat there and watched him.

Opposite to the man’s expectation, he didn’t ask for money or anything yet. Finally out of anxiety the man asked the Bum, “Do you need any help?”

The person was feeling high and mighty, above the Bum, until these 3 words by Bum shook him, “Don’t we all?”

The man was shocked, maybe he did not need help for shelter, for clothes, for food but he needed help somewhere!

He gave him enough money for a day’s meal and shelter!

We look for wisdom, we look for it from great people, someone with deep studies and there is this Bum who has given us a lesson.

It least matters how much you have, it least matters how much you have accomplished,You always need a help.

It least matters how many problems you have, it least matters how little you have,You can always help.

Even a smile can heal a lot!

Who know? The man we called bum is just a homeless or more than that?

To receive later, we need to give first!

Source: Quora


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