Once Lord Shiva was traveling with His consort, Devi Parvati, when they saw a old ascetic trying to stitch his old rag with a needle. Devi was so moved by compassion and asked Shiva to bless him with abundance. Shiva replied that the old man has come to a position where he wants nothing and that their blessings wouldn’t be of help to a person who needs nothing.

Due to Devi’s repeated request, Shiva agreed and they both went before the ascetic. The old man payed his respects and gave buttermilk. When it was time to leave, the Divine couple asked the ascetic to have a boon. The old man replied he doesn’t need anything and he’s satisfied with what he has. Shiva said that it is Their nature to bless a devotee with a boon when they give darshan and the old man should get some boon for him.

The old man after a serious thought asked thus,” if at all you should give me a boon, let it be that the thread should go into the needle’s ear when I try to insert it”. Divine couple were puzzled what is the need to give a boon like that when that is what usually happens when someone tries to insert a thread into a needle. the old one continued, ” I know that when I try to accomplish a work with proper effort, the result will comes automatically. In that case, what is the need to ask you a boon when hard work in itself gives the desired results?”

Smiling  ,the Divine couple blessed and left.