Faith In Humanity

One journalist asked a warkari devotee of vittal who goes to pandarpur , what’s your age,

warkari: 80 years 

journalist: since how long you are visiting this pandarpur                               

warkari: since 70 years. 

Journalist: have you seen vithoba once, Atleast once.

Warkari: no beta, not yet.

Journalist: then why do you come every  year, do you believe He is there?  

Warkari: can I ask you a question, from where you have come                            

reporter: from Pune.             

Warkari: do people keep pet dogs in Pune, have you seen any?                                        

Reporter: ya, each house has a dog 

Warkari: in village also we keep dogs, that follows us to our farm to protect from thieves. At the dead of night one dog sees the thief it starts barking, by hearing this dog another starts barking, like ways all around surrounding 100s of dogs starts barking but among the hundred dogs 99 have not seen the thief but keeping the faith in this 1st dog they start barking.

Likewise Thukaram ji, Sant Jnaneshwar, Namdev,they have seen the vithoba so I have faith in day I can also have darshan of vitthal. If animals can keep their faith in another animal, being a human  being why can’t we have faith in another human  being?